the RRT Root System is cut from steel to dimensions that allow the easy placement of a 4x4 wood post. The supports are cut to allow one inch PVC pipe to insert for added stability. In all normal weather conditions wood can swell, expand and become stuck if inserted. This makes PVC a better option for uniform fit and easy function.
imgp1818imgp1814The RRT Root System shown with the full Starter Kit setup.



The RRT Root System is the base for the RRT AR500 Target System. 18” wide, 9-1/2”deep. Cut to allow PVC pipe to insert for extra stability and for a 4×4 post to allow adaptation to any target scenario you can imagine. 

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Product Description

Not included, 4×4’s post or PVC pipes.

1-3/4” square 11ga. Steel welded together to form the Roots of our Po Boy System. The 4×4 ¼” thick walled square is welded in the middle to support your wood. Two ½” holes are provided if extra support is needed.


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